Where Do Deacons Come From? by Elizabeth FicocelliBezalel Books — Deacons are sometimes mistaken for “junior priests” or “glorified altar boys.” But these ordained men have their own special vocation of service to the Church. This book explains the deacon’s important role. Endearing illustrations and text answers questions such as: How does a man become a deacon? In what ways can he serve the Church? Can a deacon be married? Can he have a job? A great way to plant the seeds of vocation awareness in the hearts of our children.




Testimonials for Where Do Deacons Come From?

Having lived this wonderful vocation for fifteen years, I was absolutely thrilled with Elizabeth Ficocelli’s beautiful children’s book entitled, Where do Deacons Come From? I give it my highest and most heartfelt recommendation. Elizabeth’s beautifully written and superbly illustrated little book will now open the wonderful world of countless numbers of children to the beauty of the vocation to follow Jesus Christ and serve His Holy Church as a deacon. I recommend that every mom, dad, grandfather, grandmother, sister, brother, uncle, aunt – and anyone who hopes to plant the seed of a vocation in a young boy or to help any child, girl or boy, to understand the calling and vocation of deacons, buy this book and give it as a gift.

Keith A. Fournier, Editor-in-Chief, Catholic Online


Elizabeth Ficocelli has come up with another winner!  In direct, simple terms, she explains the important role of deacons in the Catholic Church.  This book will be invaluable to people of all ages who have basic questions about their deacons.  Since deacons are part of the ancient tradition of the Church, while also being “new” to the contemporary Church, there is a lot of misunderstanding surrounding them.  This book will help immensely to overcome such misunderstandings and lead to a deeper appreciation of all the ministries of the Church.

Deacon William T. Ditewig, Ph.D., Professor of Theology and diocesan official of the Diocese of Monterey, California


Where do deacons come from? Reading Elizabeth’s book, it becomes obvious that deacons can come from your home, a best friend’s home… or from your parish. Deacons are plumbers, doctors, government workers — men who recognize a call to serve the Church and the people of God. For parents or grandparents, this book can shine a light into a perhaps dimly lit area of a young man’s heart where a vocation to the diaconate is awaiting an invitation.

Deacon Tom Fox, Podcaster, Columnist, and Commentator


My friend, Deacon William Ditewig, has said that the diaconate will only become fully accepted as a vocation when young people say, “When I grow up I want to be a deacon.”  This book could help make that a reality.

Deacon Greg Kandra, The Deacon’s Bench


Elizabeth has written a wonderful book to help explain what a deacon is and does…I use it regularly in my ministry as the Director of the Diaconate and in my visits with little children in the catholic grade schools and parish religious education programs…parents also enjoy it and have told me their son is now thinking of becoming a deacon.

Deacon Frank Iannarino – Director, Office of the Diaconate, Catholic Diocese of Columbus


This book does a very good job of explaining what a deacon does, but more importantly who he is. I’ve brought it with me to work to show people as a way to better explain what it means to be a deacon. Although it was written for children, it is a very good and concise explanation that answers almost all the question I get.

Deacon Joe Ciaciura


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