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Elizabeth and her husband of 29 years, Mark, provide engaging presentations for teens and adults on the subject of marriage and family life.


Let Us Pray: The Gift of Couple Spirituality Within Marriage

Mark and Elizabeth Ficocelli discuss one of the most intimate aspects of matrimony — couple spirituality – an often overlooked, but vital facet in marriage today. Coming from two completely different faith experiences in their families of origin, the Ficocelli’s share their not-so-easy journey of working toward true couple spirituality.

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Theology of Dance

from Theology of Dance Presentation
What does swing dancing and respectful intimacy have to do with one another? Elizabeth and Mark will teach you, step by step. This presentation for junior high, high school, or young adults can include a swing dance lesson.

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Nurturing Our Catholic Marriage

Many Catholic marriages are in trouble today. But if married Catholics understood the sacramental nature of their unions and ways to nurture that bond, there could be a whole lot more happily-ever-afters.

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Natural Family Planning: Green, Clean, and Virtually Free!

Why turn to artificial, faulty, and often times dangerous means of planning our families when God has already given us the perfect built-in means to understand our bodies? Natural Family Planning is clinically proven to be safe and effective — and that’s only the beginning of the benefits!

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