from Theology of Dance Presentation

After witnessing firsthand the degrading behavior of “grind dancing” at their son’s high school prom, Elizabeth & Mark began a ministry of teaching swing dance to high school and college youth, incorporating into it the message of respectful intimacy. This has evolved into a full-length presentation given at youth gatherings that draws a striking correlation between ballroom dance and healthy male/female relationships. This talk discusses the importance of good communication, how to be a lead worth following, what it means to follow, respectful touch, and intimacy.

A swing dance lesson can be added to this presentation to make these concepts come alive.


Testimonials for Theology of Dance

The Ficocelli’s did a wonderful job relating to the high schools students and not only teaching them how to dance well, but how to live out the basic principles of dance in their relationships. The presentation showed the importance of respectful intimacy and monogamy in relationships through the metaphor of dance. The night was fun, engaging, and informative. I recommend it for any high school student, parent, young adult, or really anyone who wants to know how to dance and how to reform the culture of dance in our world. Thank you for all you guys do. It’s so wonderful to have parents out there who are taking action to fight for purity in the high schools!

Nicole F., Ohio


Having been through the horror of high school dances and in college now, I am so glad that the Ficocelli’s are doing something about it! I love the way they inform the students that dance is an art, a beautiful thing! A demonstration of the roles of man and woman in a relationship!

Maire G., Ohio


Thank you for all you two do! This is a great message that needs to be spread throughout all school and churches! I never knew dancing could be so much fun. I love the message you guys share and how you teach this great dancing to people.

Gabriel V., Ohio