Elizabeth has developed a rich selection of talks to address audiences from casual to formal, small to large. She regularly receives comments, testimonials and reviews and we have gathered some of our favorites in drop down menus by presentation title below. If you have heard her speak and would like to share a comment with her, please Contact Elizabeth.


Presentations for Adults

Building Strong, Healthy Families through the Sacraments
Elizabeth Ficocelli spoke at our consolidated Catholic faith event in Champaign/Urbana, Illinois and did an outstanding job!  She articulates the Catholic faith in a clear and refreshing manner which touches the hearts of all ages.  As a priest, I am especially grateful for the new ideas she gave me for engaging families and young Catholics.  Those who have the opportunity to hear her speak will not be disappointed!

Msgr. Gregory K. Ketcham, Director & Head Chaplain
, St. John’s Catholic Newman Center, University of Illinois

I am a second grade teacher from Los Angeles, CA. I have heard you speak the past two years at the Religious Education Congress, and I have loved listening to you! I have shared your articles with the parents and used your ideas in my classroom! Thank you so much for your inspiration and for your fantastic presentations. I come away from your sessions more knowledgeable and spirit-filled.

Katy K., California

I very much enjoyed Elizabeth’s presentation on the power of the sacraments. Her talk was filled with lots of practical ways families can “tap in” to the grace of our sacramental life and presented with warmth, humor, and a very real love for the Catholic faith, as well as the desire to share it with others. Thank you!

Gwen, Virginia

We were blessed to have Elizabeth speak to us as part of our St. Andrew School’s Parent Speaker Series. Elizabeth’s presentation, “Building Strong, Healthy Families through the Sacraments,” was well organized, informative, and entertaining.  She provided the audience with a refresher about the seven sacraments and then provided many examples of how parents can incorporate the sacraments in the day-to-day lives of their family. Elizabeth gave creative examples of ways to connect our children with God which I would never have thought of on my own. I would highly recommend this talk if your audience will consist mostly of parents with school age children.

Beth Kelly, Event Organizer, Ohio

I really enjoyed your presentation on Sunday at the Religious Education Congress! You had a tough time-slot, but you really kept our attention. You must have been exhausted later — you spoke quickly, but very clearly to cover everything within ninety minutes – congratulations!!! It was so easy to follow along on your outline & make notes on those sheets – thanks! I am very impressed with your faith and your ability to share it so clearly.

Mary Kay, California

Bleeding Hands, Weeping Stone
As the organizer of a regional, multi-generational event involving three parishes and nearly 800 people, it was important for us to involve a vested, popular, educated, informative, interesting, and faithful Catholic speaker who would be able to captivate Catholics of all ages at our event. Elizabeth Ficocelli was our perfect answer! Her communication with me and the information she provided beforehand was excellent. One could have heard a pin drop during her talk as hundreds sat spell-bound by her presentation and narrative. We received 100% positive feedback!.

Kimi Brown, Botkins, Ohio

I want to thank you for the wonderful presentation on the “Bleeding Hands, Weeping Stone” you did at our 2012 Columbus Marian Conference. It was unbelievable and a real eye opener and very moving.

Nancy Tuttle, Event Organizer, Ohio

The Age of Mary

Elizabeth Ficocelli was a wonderful addition to the first ever Diocese of Lansing Catholic Women’s Conference. Her presentation of “The Age of Mary” was powerfully done with beautiful pictures, well researched and presented facts from many different apparitions, and Elizabeth’s obvious love for Mary and her role in our lives. Most of the women at the conference gave her the highest mark of the speakers. The women found it both informative and inspirational.

Deborah Amato, Director, Diocese of Lansing Office of Lay Ecclesial Ministry

A Journey in Grace: My Conversion Story
Each time I invite a speaker, I am always concerned that the topic will be interesting and that the speaker will be engaging and hold our interest — and that everything presented is in line with the teachings of our Catholic Church. Elizabeth is one of the best speakers we have had.  She offered variety in her speaking style appealing to all. Animated at times, but not overly. Her conversion story is interesting and one that can be educational affirming in our faith.

Sheri Isham, 
Founder & President, Catholic Women of Faith Conference, Franklin TN

Elizabeth Ficocelli spoke to 450 women at our Martha & Mary Women’s Conference this past February. She did a wonderful job! Her conversion story, “A Journey in Grace” had the women laughing and crying and completely engaged. She also spoke on “The Age of Mary,” which was a very informative talk. Her speaking style is brisk, but not too fast, and peppered with humor. She has a lot of energy and interacted with the women during the breaks. She was delightful to have as a speaker, and was easy to work with from an administrative position.

Colleen Pasnik, Co-Chair, Springtime of Hope, Dubuque IA

Elizabeth was very well received by our guests. She was very well organized, had an awesome and very inspiring story, and added touches of humor. Some of our women commented that they thought she was our best speaker (and we’ve done over 30 breakfasts!) One of our guests made the following comment: “What a great speaker we were blessed with today. Elizabeth was confident, yet humble, and had a wonderful comic wit about her. She has a beautiful and powerful testimony.” Elizabeth is very knowledgeable about the faith, is a very strong believer, and is a delightful person.

Kay Burkot, Organizer, Magnificat Pittsburgh

You need to know that your “mission” is not limited to your writing, but is wonderfully apparent in your testimony. You have a gift for making a recent convert to the Church feel much more comfortable. Know that you are appreciated.

Tom S., Ohio

I would like to say how inspired I was to listen to your journey to the Catholic Church. Truly, you have been chosen and anointed to do a special job. As you say, each of us has a special calling and we must embrace it….Thank you again.

Joyce F., Canada


Helping Kids Develop a Personal Relationship with Jesus
It was a delight to have Elizabeth Ficocelli speak at our Faith and Family Congress. Her talks were energetic and filled with beautiful Church teachings and traditions. It was clear that Elizabeth spends much time working on her talks/writing, in hopes of teaching others about the Catholic Faith. She is indeed faithful to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church. Any audience would be blessed to hear her speak!

Kelli Halsell, Event Organizer, St. Louis de Montfort Church, Santa Maria, CA

I feel like I know you! I attended the last class with you at the LA Congress and very much enjoyed your approach, your energy, and your humor. Your presentation was realistic, and I took good notes to pass on to the parents in our religious education program in San Diego. Thanks for coming. I have recommended your website to our parents in our Sunday bulletin!

Terry H., California

I attended your presentation on helping your child develop a personal relationship with Jesus. It was a great workshop full of fantastic information I’ve already begun putting into practice with my children. Thanks so much for your help.

Karen D., California

The Joy of Reconciliation
Your sharing about your Confession experience caused the longest lines and time needed for Confession so far: 12:00 pm to 3:30pm for some priests!  How wonderful to affect women’s lives in this way. You are an excellent, engaging speaker and thank you for being such a blessing to the conference!

Sheri Isham – 
Founder & President, Catholic Women of Faith Conference, Franklin TN

I loved the talk on Reconciliation.  It was very inspiring.  I actually went, and enjoyed my time with a nice priest – my first time in 46 years.

Susan C., Arizona

My favorite presentation of the conference was Elizabeth’s talk on the Joy of Reconciliation.  I have always been intimidated by the whole process of Confession.  My life was changed by my Reconciliation experience today and I thank Elizabeth and the PDCCW for having this conference which gave God the opening to work in my life today.

Emily M., Arizona

I didn’t know that the Sacrament of Reconciliation could be described so truthfully and so beautifully.

Tina S., Arizona

Lourdes: 150 Years of Hope and Healing for a Hurting World
Thank you for your wonderful talk about Lourdes at our annual Knights of Columbus banquet. I have heard nothing but favorable comments from those that were in attendance. Our District Deputy sent the program book to other district deputies in central and south east Ohio and he told me that some of them have expressed an interest in having you talk at some of their events. I am glad that I had the opportunity to have met you.

Bill H., Ohio, Knights of Columbus

A Shower of Roses: The Intercession of St. Therese of Lisieux
Please count all of us here at National Shrine of the Little Flower as some of your biggest fans. We truly enjoyed the presentation that you made during our Shower of Roses special event to celebrate the life of St. Therese. And thank you for being so willing to divide your presentation into three sections so that we could present a musical concert in conjunction with your presentation. I know what we asked you to do was not easy, but you handled it beautifully.

For anyone who may be considering using your services for something similar in the future, please let them know that we found you to be knowledgeable about your subject matter, pleasant and easy to work with, very accommodating and flexible, prompt, and professional. St. Therese herself could not have found a better spokesperson to discuss her life on earth and in heaven!

Cynthia Grzelak, Director of Advancement, National Shrine of the Little Flower, Michigan

Presentations for Young People

Theology of Dance
The Ficocelli’s did a wonderful job relating to the high schools students and not only teaching them how to dance well, but how to live out the basic principles of dance in their relationships. The presentation showed the importance of respectful intimacy and monogamy in relationships through the metaphor of dance. The night was fun, engaging, and informative. I recommend it for any high school student, parent, young adult, or really anyone who wants to know how to dance and how to reform the culture of dance in our world. Thank you for all you guys do. It’s so wonderful to have parents out there who are taking action to fight for purity in the high schools!

Nicole F., Ohio

Having been through the horror of high school dances and in college now, I am so glad that the Ficocelli’s are doing something about it! I love the way they inform the students that dance is an art, a beautiful thing! A demonstration of the roles of man and woman in a relationship!

Maire G., Ohio

Thank you for all you two do! This is a great message that needs to be spread throughout all school and churches! I never knew dancing could be so much fun. I love the message you guys share and how you teach this great dancing to people.

Gabriel V., Ohio

Bleeding Hands, Weeping Stone
The “Bleeding Hands, Weeping Stone” talk was wonderful. It opened my eyes, and the eyes of the youth who attended the Apostolate’s event, to the wonders of our Lord, and the miracles he places in our midst to show his awesome presence. Elizabeth does a great job presenting the multitude of miracles, and putting forth those powerful miracles that we have been inspired by before, while introducing us to others that can help us further our relationship with our blessed Lord and Savior.

Shawn Fitzgerald, Jr.
Youth Leader, Catholic Family Land

Thank you for attending our school to talk to us about all the amazing things about our religion. I think it is important to teach young kids about it, because we are the future of the world. The really cool thing about it is that you weren’t even a Catholic Christian until the age of 23. This means you must have really listened to your calling to God very closely. For me, hearing about all these miracles really made me think even deeper into my faith. It was a really awesome overall presentation.

Luke C., Grade 8

Your presentation was very enthusiastic, and also informative about how God has chosen regular everyday people to fulfill his miracles and different works on earth. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your outstanding work on teaching people like myself about living a holier life, dedicated to God.

Lauren D., Grade 8

The presentation you gave was interesting and told me a lot about my faith that I didn’t know before. Most of the things that you talked about were truly inspiring and showed that God reveals himself to people all over the world and even today miracles are happening. My classmates and I all agreed that you were a great Christian role model and that we should learn more about our faith. Hearing your presentation taught me so much that I couldn’t have learned from my religion textbook or the Bible. I am glad that people like you give their time to teach others about their faith. Thank you for giving your time so that I may learn more about being a Catholic and so that I may better understand how to praise God. I hope that many people buy your books so that they too may get closer to the Lord and learn from you so that they will go out and tell others about God.

Hannah P., Grade 7

When I heard you were coming to talk about your religious books, I thought to myself, “…not again. This is going to be boring.” But, when you started the presentation, I started to become interested in it. I was intrigued by the weeping pictures and statues of water, oil, or blood. I could not believe that you were a convert who used to be in a different religion. You seemed so passionate about God and the amazing miracles he has performed and is still performing. I am truly inspired by the talk and presentation that you gave.

Kayla T., Grade 8

Everyone I talked to was intrigued by the miracles and everything you talked about. Each miracle was unique in its own way. My favorite miracles were the ones with real blood, real tears, and real human flesh. Those fascinated me so much that I talked to my parents all day about it after school. I was so amazed and in awe. You have inspired me a lot to learn more about miracles that God has performed. These will stay with me forever and I might be lucky enough to witness one of these miracles in my life.

Hunter D., Grade 7

Thank you so much for your phenomenal presentation on these outstanding events in our Catholic faith. You’re an amazing example of someone who works for God in their everyday life. I really enjoyed hearing you talk about all the miracles that take place in our world today. They really are reminders of how powerful God is, not just in heaven, or afterlife, but here on earth.

Hanna W., Grade 8

School Presentation Feedback
Mrs. Ficocelli was an engaging speaker, interacting with the students to re-create the journey of a published book from start to finish.  Students learned about the writing process and the publishing process, including vocabulary associated with the publishing field.  By bringing real examples of the work she did as a youngster, she was able to help the students see that becoming a published author is a possibility for them.  She encouraged them to practice as much as possible, read as much as possible, revise as much as possible, and publish as much as possible.  It was clear that Mrs. Ficocelli enjoys her authorship, thus inspiring students to take pleasure in their own writing.  It was also good to see the variety of different types of writing Mrs. Ficocelli has published, because this expands students’ concepts of what they can write.  She is a good role model, writing for various audiences on wide-ranging topics that still center on what is most important to her and what she cares about most deeply.  It was a very good experience for my class.

Amy McKibben, Hannah Ashton Middle School, Ohio

Elizabeth Ficocelli’s program at St. Mary School during Catholic Schools Week was one of the most memorable we’ve had. She spoke to the different grade levels, selecting appropriate themes based on her writing and using illustrations well adapted for each age group. She mesmerized the eighth graders with her description of the apparitions of Lourdes and inspired the second graders who were anticipating their First Holy Communion. This is one speaker we would like to invite often to share new writings and insights.

Julie Lindsey, St. Mary’s Catholic School, Ohio

I know the children gained a tremendous amount of knowledge about being an author and especially an appreciation for your passion! Thank you so much for making our Catholics School Week special! It was great having you visit St. Alphonsus.

Sr. Mariella Bradley, R.S.M., Principal, St. Alphonsus Catholic School, Pennsylvania

Dear Mrs. Ficocelli,

Thank you for teaching me about Reconciliation. Now that I know when I go talk to the priest, I won’t be that scared. I learned something — if I go talk to the priest, I’ll know that he will understand all my problems and questions. You are a great teacher and friend. I’m so glad that you came in and talked about Reconciliation with us, because I was really scared before you came in.

Maggie, age 8

I LOVE HER PRESENTATIONS! They are cool and fun! They are cool because you get to learn about her books, and about her and her conversion story into the Catholic faith! I think you will like them a lot, and be able to easily relate to the things she talks about!!

Chris, age 10

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