“An outstanding, practical guide for every Catholic parent! Use Seven from Heaven to give your children the greatest gift of all — joyful participation in Christ’s presence every day.” — Matthew Kelly, New York Times bestselling author

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How Your Family Can Find Healing, Strength and Protection in the Sacraments

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The seven sacraments are powerful encounters with the Living Christ and a marvelous blueprint for rich and meaningful living in all stages of Catholic life, from birth until death. This book takes a look at each of the sacraments, explaining their power and purpose and providing a list of practical (and fun) activities and suggestions for making each sacrament come alive in the family. Flavored with touching and at times humorous personal accounts of the sacraments from the perspective of a Catholic convert, this book is enjoyable reading for families wishing to deepen their experience of their Catholic faith within the family structure.

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Testimonials about Seven from Heaven

An outstanding, practical guide for every Catholic parent! Use Seven from Heaven to give your children the greatest gift of all—joyful participation in Christ’s presence every day.

Matthew Kelly, New York Times bestselling author


The timing for this marvelous book couldn’t be better.  Elizabeth has given Catholics a real gift as we enter into the Year of Faith and do what we can to help the Church’s efforts in the new evangelization. Seven from Heaven is an example of what  Pope Benedict is asking of all believers: to understand our faith more deeply and to proclaim it more effectively from the housetops. The more we know about the Sacraments the more we can all grow in our faith and help others on their journey to heaven.  This book is a great resource that can make a real difference in achieving these spiritual goals.

Teresa Tomeo, syndicated talk show host and bestselling Catholic author


In Seven from Heaven, Elizabeth Ficocelli taps into her experience and wisdom and shares it in a book that’s equal parts guide and reference. Reading it is like having a good friend give you tips, and families are sure to find the ideas within it indispensable and inspiring.

Sarah Reinhard, author of SnoringScholar.com and Welcome Risen Jesus: Lenten & Easter Reflections for Families


Now more than ever, Catholic families need support and encouragement for the tremendous task of bringing the Faith to life in the hearts and souls of their children. With inspired advice on everything from navigating the Cry Room to contemplating the commitment of Confirmation with our teens and beyond, Elizabeth Ficocelli’s Seven from Heaven is the perfect resource for busy parents and teachers who endeavor to instill a love for Christ and His Church with their families, students and parish communities. This book belongs on every parent’s kitchen table, on every catechist’s desk and in every pastor’s library.

Lisa M. Hendey, Founder and Editor of www.CatholicMom.com and author of A Book of Saints for Catholic Moms


Absolutely outstanding! Elizabeth shines light on the essential elements of our Catholic faith, the sacraments, and equips us to more fully integrate them into our family lives. In the pages of this wonderful book, the transformative power of the sacraments is described in practical, relatable terms. A must read for all Catholics family members who need the healing, nurturing and protection the sacraments provide!

Kevin Lowry, husband and father of eight, and author of Faith at Work: Finding Purpose Beyond the Paycheck


Elizabeth’s understanding and unique way of presenting revelational truths from God, concerning the Catholic sacraments, transcends Catholic and Protestant boundaries and differing perspectives and doctrinal views. Any Protestant would be blessed to read this book, setting traditions aside, and asking the Lord to help identify God’s real heart and desire for His people through her wise words that truly help the reader lay hold of His intentions for living relationship with Him and the Body of Christ through encounters that each Catholic sacrament supports.

Robyn L., Georgia


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