from Building Strong, Healthy Families through the Sacraments

The sacraments are the special and intimate ways God becomes present in our daily lives. This presentation by adult convert, author, and mother-of-four takes a practical family approach in making these important connections to God come alive in our young children and their parents, instilling in all of us a deeper appreciation of our Catholic faith. Complete with creative ideas for the classroom and the home.

Testimonials for Building Strong, Healthy Families through the Sacraments

Elizabeth Ficocelli spoke at our consolidated Catholic faith event in Champaign/Urbana, Illinois and did an outstanding job!  She articulates the Catholic faith in a clear and refreshing manner which touches the hearts of all ages.  As a priest, I am especially grateful for the new ideas she gave me for engaging families and young Catholics.  Those who have the opportunity to hear her speak will not be disappointed!

Msgr. Gregory K. Ketcham, Director & Head Chaplain
, St. John’s Catholic Newman Center, University of Illinois


I am a second grade teacher from Los Angeles, CA. I have heard you speak the past two years at the Religious Education Congress, and I have loved listening to you! I have shared you articles with the parents and used your ideas in my classroom! Thank you so much for your inspiration and for your fantastic presentations. I come away from your sessions more knowledgeable and spirit-filled.

Katy K., California


I very much enjoyed Elizabeth’s presentation on the power of the sacraments. Her talk was filled with lots of practical ways families can “tap in” to the grace of our sacramental life and presented with warmth, humor, and a very real love for the Catholic faith, as well as the desire to share it with others. Thank you!

Gwen, Virginia


We were blessed to have Elizabeth speak to us as part of our St. Andrew School’s Parent Speaker Series. Elizabeth’s presentation, “Building Strong, Healthy Families through the Sacraments,” was well organized, informative, and entertaining.  She provided the audience with a refresher about the seven sacraments and then provided many examples of how parents can incorporate the sacraments in the day-to-day lives of their family. Elizabeth gave creative examples of ways to connect our children with God which I would never have thought of on my own. I would highly recommend this talk if your audience will consist mostly of parents with school age children.

Beth Kelly, Event Organizer, Ohio


I really enjoyed your presentation on Sunday at the Religious Education Congress! You had a tough time-slot, but you really kept our attention. You must have been exhausted later — you spoke quickly, but very clearly to cover everything within ninety minutes – congratulations!!! It was so easy to follow along on your outline & make notes on those sheets – thanks! I am very impressed with your faith and your ability to share it so clearly.

Mary Kay, California