from Bleeding Hands, Weeping Stone Presentation

Elizabeth effectively captures the attention of teens through young adults with this fascinating compilation of extraordinary phenomena in the Catholic Church. It’s a fast-moving, wonderful introduction to Eucharistic miracles, the stigmata, incorrupt bodies, amazing abilities of the saints, and weeping statues and artwork….topics many young people know nothing about. Engaging for adults, too!


Testimonials for Bleeding Hands, Weeping Stone

The “Bleeding Hands, Weeping Stone” talk was wonderful. It opened my eyes, and the eyes of the youth who attended the Apostolate’s event, to the wonders of our Lord, and the miracles he places in our midst to show his awesome presence. Elizabeth does a great job presenting the multitude of miracles, and putting forth those powerful miracles that we have been inspired by before, while introducing us to others that can help us further our relationship with our blessed Lord and Savior.

Shawn Fitzgerald, Jr. Youth Leader, Catholic Family Land


Thank you for attending our school to talk to us about all the amazing things about our religion. I think it is important to teach young kids about it, because we are the future of the world. The really cool thing about it is that you weren’t even a Catholic Christian until the age of 23. This means you must have really listened to your calling to God very closely. For me, hearing about all these miracles really made me think even deeper into my faith. It was a really awesome overall presentation.

Luke C., Grade 8


Your presentation was very enthusiastic, and also informative about how God has chosen regular everyday people to fulfill his miracles and different works on earth. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your outstanding work on teaching people like myself about living a holier life, dedicated to God.

Lauren D., Grade 8


The presentation you gave was interesting and told me a lot about my faith that I didn’t know before. Most of the things that you talked about were truly inspiring and showed that God reveals himself to people all over the world and even today miracles are happening. My classmates and I all agreed that you were a great Christian role model and that we should learn more about our faith. Hearing your presentation taught me so much that I couldn’t have learned from my religion textbook or the Bible. I am glad that people like you give their time to teach others about their faith. Thank you for giving your time so that I may learn more about being a Catholic and so that I may better understand how to praise God. I hope that many people buy your books so that they too may get closer to the Lord and learn from you so that they will go out and tell others about God.

Hannah P., Grade 7


When I heard you were coming to talk about your religious books, I thought to myself, “…not again. This is going to be boring.” But, when you started the presentation, I started to become interested in it. I was intrigued by the weeping pictures and statues of water, oil, or blood. I could not believe that you were a convert who used to be in a different religion. You seemed so passionate about God and the amazing miracles he has performed and is still performing. I am truly inspired by the talk and presentation that you gave.

Kayla T., Grade 8


Everyone I talked to was intrigued by the miracles and everything you talked about. Each miracle was unique in its own way. My favorite miracles were the ones with real blood, real tears, and real human flesh. Those fascinated me so much that I talked to my parents all day about it after school. I was so amazed and in awe. You have inspired me a lot to learn more about miracles that God has performed. These will stay with me forever and I might be lucky enough to witness one of these miracles in my life.

Hunter D., Grade 7


Thank you so much for your phenomenal presentation on these outstanding events in our Catholic faith. You’re an amazing example of someone who works for God in their everyday life. I really enjoyed hearing you talk about all the miracles that take place in our world today. They really are reminders of how powerful God is, not just in heaven, or afterlife, but here on earth.

Hanna W., Grade 8